"I just can’t give up now Cause I’ve come too far from where I started from Nobody told me that the road would be easy And I don’t believe He brought me this far to leave me”

For a really long time I can say I’ve lived in such a negative world because I never though i was good enough for anyone or just thought i was a piece of shit!!! Sergio “Junior” Rodriguez has came into my life, like an angel from the heavens above with the positive light and halo on his head to show me that i can be a be loved and be worth someone. has showed me that I’m not any of those things, ‘m not a scared kid or monster…. that i am a normal human being. everyone has a past and i shouldn’t let it affect my future because it is only hurting everyone around me. especially him, and I’ve never wanted to hurt him. god has blessed me a wonderful man that wants to share the rest of his life with me, why can’t just be normal. and let him in. why is this wall up, its starting to come down because i want it to, i want to show him that i am worth taking the risk and he is worth it as well. i want to be in love with him like i was before… i want that life with him and i know he wants it with me too. this song is dedicated to him because the road hasn’t been easy but he is still around and i want to give and let him know that i am going to be around from now on to forever and always…. I want him to be mine forever and forever :)

Best graduation gift from the bae @sergiordri1105, I’m going to go see Rihanna and Eminem live on the monster tour, thanks babe 😊 #shocked 😱


cry. or its a wrap are the best songs on the album and thats that

 I ain't never gonna cry again unless they're happy tears

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he’s not even gonna be mad



absolutely terrifying

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